Plastic Full Protection Face Shield Glasses Cover for Adults

Professional Full Face Shield Supplier in China

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Details on Plastic Full Protection Face Shield Glasses Cover for Adults

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All products provided by MedFM are made in dust-free workshop, and meet industry safty standards.

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MedFM is professional China supplier of full face shields in bulk, we handle all procedures and send satisfying final products to your door. Cooperate with us so you can focus on marketing.

Features of full cover face shield glasses supplier:

FULL FACE PROTECTION while AVOIDING the HEADBAND: Safety full-length face shield wholesale with a flexible wrap-around design that provides side and front face protection. The shields have 180 degrees of protection and provide full coverage of the eyes, nose, and mouth to help prevent droplets of saliva, coughs, sneezes, and other foreign substances from reaching your face. Dimensions: 7.75" high x 10" wide.

Face shields wholesale

ULTRA-CLEAR and ANTI-FOGGING: Face shields manufacture provide super clear visibility and have superior optics that let in the maximum amount of light, while the anti-fogging material resists fog under extended use. The shield is crystal clear, after peeling off both layers of the protective film. Reusable after disinfecting. Some assembly required.

IDEAL for MOST WORKPLACES: Our essential personal protective face shields factory are worn all over the world in most common workplace environments. They are used by Hair Salons and Spa Professionals, Restaurant, Food Services, Retailers, Warehouses, Offices, Schools, both Indoors and Outdoors.

Priviate label available.

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Shenzhen Good Leader Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen China, with an office area of 500 square meters. The main business of the company: face masks, face shields, mask brackets, infrared thermometer, soap dispenser, etc. Cooperate with us, you can get best price directly from factory. No hidden Fee. You also get personalized and tailored services, such as OEM, ODM, packaging design, logo printing, product development negotiation and more. We will assist you to ensure that you purchase the right products at the best prices.

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Topic: Plastic Full Protection Face Shield Glasses Cover for Adults
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by...Lynn Morton

This shield is amazing! I have bought them all and this one is hands down the best! You don't get hot wearing it.

by...Marion Mendez

We have reordered these and recommended them to other people. They are much better than the ones with elasstic that goes around your head and says "face shield" on your forehead. They are comfortable and can even be worn over your own glasses.

by...Fannie Mason

Received it as advertised. Packaging was great it was sealed. Easy to put together. Shield comes in with protective sheets which you have to peel off, and its very clear. I would definitely recommend this product.

by...Willard Bowen

These shields are super comfy and extremely lightweight. I needed to find something I could use at the gym for cardio and this has been the best option so far.

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