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Bought for my daughter. It is well made. She said that she has had the best sleep since using the 18 pound blanket. Thank you!

Maria Maskowsky

This blanket arrived quickly and is well made. I have ADHD and anxiety and the weight is soothing and helps me sleep through the night.

Wendy Neyland

My daughter asked for only one thing for Xmas and this was it! Package came just on time. She picked her colors and absolutely loves it!

James Michel

Wholesale Silicone Mask Bracket

As the summer is coming, wearing a face mask can be hot and make breathing feel more difficult. So how to wear face masks more comfortable in hot weather?

3D silicone face mask bracket will help a lot on improving it by creating more breathing space because the mask inner support frame can hold up the mask fabric around the mouth. You will feel cool and easy to breathe even though with a mask on face.

In addition, the silicone mask inner support frame can also reduce the friction frequency between mask and face to protect mask lining from getting stained.

This new 3D face mask bracket is starting to gain popularity: silicone face mask brackets. These bendable, silicone plastic frames—also known as a mask brace — are meant to keep your mask from touching your face, making it easier to breathe and potentially minimizing irritation. Searches for "mask inner support frame" have peaked at their highest point, according to Google Trends, and people are starting to buy them.

MedFM provide wholesale service for various face mask brackets in bulk. One stop service, free fast shipping wordwide.

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Top 10 Benefits Of 3d Silicone Face Mask Brackets

Face Mask Brackets Can Make Wearing Masks More Comfortable


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